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  • Yesterday the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions began a two-day national strike yesterday that all but shut down the country. The peaceful protest is against a 70 per cent rise in fuel prices.

  • Zimbabwe petrol stations are rationing petrol for the first time since 1982. Most will sell £5 worth or 15 litres. Diesel is also in short supply. Social unrest is threatening.

  • Ysterday the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, increased fuel prices by 72 per cent ­ the sharpest rise for 20 years and with diesel ­ used in industry and farming ­ going up by 67 per cent.

  • Strikes and civil unrest are expected in Zimbawe as President Mugabe has ordered a 70% increase in the price of fuel. Unleaded petrol now cost £1 per litre, Diesel 87p and Paraffin (the main fuel for cooking) 66p per litre.

  • With a crippled economy, inflation running at over 2.2mn% and a government partial to confiscating the assets and local operations of foreign companies when it sees fit, doing business in Zimbabwe is undoubtedly a risky undertaking. Bill Corcoran reports from Johannesburg.

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  • The Zimbabwean government has increased the price of petrol by 72 per cent, raising the possibility of serious civil unrest and dealing a crippling blow to business. Although a substantial fuel price increase has been on the cards for months, business, labour and consumer groups reacted with shock a...

  • In the middle of January 2019, rioting broke out in Zimbabwe as people protested at President Emmerson Mnangagwas overnight doubling of the price of petrol. Petrol prices rose from $1.24 (£0.97) a litre to $3.31, and diesel from $1.36 to $3.11. Maximum pump prices allowable are published on th...

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