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  • Lacking work in their own country, Icelandic geothermal engineering companies are starting to win worldwide projects using their expertise.

  • The years edition provides a legal framework of the energy sector in each jurisdiction, covering the structure and design of the gas and electricity industries, the regulations governing them, as well as existing and planned projects such as cross-border interconnectors.  Different types of g...

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  • Engineers in Iceland will soon begin an innovative carbon capture and storage project involving converting carbon dioxide to solid rock.They expect the gas to react with layers of volcanic rocks deep beneath the surface to form minerals that will lock the carbon pollution away for millions of years.

  • This book provides fascinating examples of the ways renewable and sustainable energy can support economic growth, which will be illuminating for academic researchers and students, as well as those interested in green investment opportunities. The distinctive glacial, volcanic and oceanic environment...

  • Reykjavik is hoping to attract investment from some of the world's biggest oil companies as it finalises the terms for its first offshore licences. Several British groups are among those considering submitting bids in January for about 100 exploration licences. They cover 40,000sqkm of ocean more th...

  • Britain could become powered by Icelandic volcanoes as the government looks abroad for a solution to its green energy problem. The energy minister will visitIceland soon to discuss a possible deal to harvest low-carbon energy from the natural geothermal energy of Iceland's volcanoes. This would invo...

  • Verne Global, a UK data hosting company, have commissioned Colt, the telecoms and IT group, to build the world's first zero-carbon data centre. The centre will be assembled at Tyne and Wear before being exported to Iceland as a pre-fabricated kit. Data centres normally require constant cooling to pr...

  • The UK energy minister, Charles Hendry, will visit Iceland in May to discuss the possibility of connecting the UK to Iceland's geothermal energy supply. Hendry has already met with the head of Iceland's national grid. The project would require an ocean floor interconnector cable 1,000 to 1,500km lon...

  • CNOOC, the Chinese oil company, is to explore for oil in the Arctic in partnership with a small Icelandic energy company Eykon Energy to bid for licences to look for oil off the northeast coast of Iceland, Eykon  needed an international partner if it wanted to succeed in its bid for a...

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  • Nations around the world face a huge challenge in decarbonising heating and cooling systems. According to the IEA, heat is the largest energy end-use, responsible for around 50% of global energy consumption. In 2017, just 10% of this heat generation was from renewable sources, mainly bioenergy.As di...

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