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  • The World Meteorological Organisation today published a definitive climate report card showing concentrations of greenhouse gases continue to rise, and the last five years were the warmest on record. 

  • Australia has three electricity futures - coal, nuclear or chaos. It's time to bring Australia into the 21st century by aggressively embracing the nuclear one, writes Terry McCrann, business columnist with The Australian newspaper. 

  • In UK, Ørsted together with ITM Power and Element Energy are investigating bulk low-cost hydrogen production. Involved is a 5 MW stack and a semi-automatic manufacturing facility of 1 GW/a capacity. One potential user is a gin distillery, replacing its dependence on LPG, reducing CO2 emissions by ab...

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  • In Australia, the University of Macquarie has investigated the usage of car parks with a view to utilising vehicle batteries as a means of energy storage on a Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) basis in the future. Transport uses an estimated 30% of energy. The Nissan Leaf and Tesla cars are 40 kW h and 100 kW h...

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  • In Australia, the University of Technology Sydney is developing the Kermit IV, a low cost hybrid-electric car based on a 1990 Mazda MX-5. A 10 kW electric motor is fitted ahead of the differential, together with a low voltage (96 V) battery pack. This permits a fuel saving of 8 to 23%, with the cost...

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  • In Australia, Tritium has developed a relatively fast DC charging system for electric vehicles (EV) bringing the charging time down from the region of 27 h 50 m to about 60 to 90 m. The high loads involved are handled by an ethylene glycol cooling system. At present, only about 6 EVs are sold in per...

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  • In Australia, the Jacobs consultancy firm compares the benefits of two production systems: the Current Model based on grid-produced electricity and drinking water, and the Proposed Model using renewable energy and recycled water. Application to the East-West rail corridor between Melbourne and Perth...

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  • The Australian Institute of Energy (AIE) is an independent, not for profit, professional association, providing a forum to bring together the various disciplines concerned with the use of energy within Australia. Our mission is to promote understanding and awareness of energy issues and the developm...

  • IFAP Survival Training Centre provides OPITO and Australian accredited courses in HUET, sea survival, OSH management, equipment (crane, scaffolding, rigging,) safety consulting and customised training.Courses: BOSIET, FOET; Basic Offshore Survival & Refresher; Aviation Escape and Survival - HUET...

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