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  • Working on aircraft engines during the Second World War, Norman Collins realised the need for a vernier type, periphery tape to accurately measure diameters. So when peace came he set up his own company, in California, to manufacture such a tape. Demand exceeded supply in the early years but he refu...

  • The Sonatest NDE Group leads its American, European and Japanese competitors in the design and manufacture of Non-Destructive Testing equipment. Our customer base covers a wide range of industries globally. This diversity is evident in the range of applications in which our products used from the te...

  • Oceanscan is a multi-million pound company formed in 1989 and since that time has become a world-class supplier of survey equipment, personnel and products to the offshore hydrographic, survey, ROV and defence industries. In addition, Oceanscan has developed its own suite of underwater products incl...

  • Silverwing UK Ltd began to trade in January 1983, under the name Silverwing Limited, as a service inspection company specialising in Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Contract Management, Training and Consultancy. Initially the company specialised in aircraft NDT, Tube Inspection for the Nuclear and Pe...

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