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  • Climate change has once again been placed at the top of the energy industry’s agenda, with the UN Climate Change Summit in Cancun due to close as Petroleum Review went to press. Large-scale financing is needed to enable developing countries to mitigate the impacts of climate change and in this month...

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  • Annual totals for motor vehicles licensed in Great Britain since 1903, by private, goods & public transport.The number of private and light goods vehicles licensed in Great Britan has steadily increased over the 116 years the UK official statistics below show.  The only decrease recorded wa...

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  • Lists all the tankers in the world, their dimensions and owners/managers.Also gives an overview of tanker market for the previous year.

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  • Aurora Petroleum Trading & Supply SA is a bunker trading company. We supply refined petroleum products in major ports worldwide, focusing on ARA region, Mediterranean ports, Jeddah, Singapore, Japanese and Korean Ports, Argentina and Brazil.

  • We have a strong feature on offshore renewables in this issue. The discussion on reducing costs for offshore wind energy starts with the viewpoint article from ScottishPower Renewables’ Jonathan Cole and continues with Marc Height’s assessment starting on page 14. We also include two articles on new...

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