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  • Britain is now importing more gas than it produces from declining North Sea gasfields. Gas is being piped over from Norway and Belgium, while ships carrying liquefied gas arrive from Africa and the Middle East. There is currently a gas glut in Europe due to the availability of liquefied natural gas ...

  • This book, based on lectures given by the author, sets out to familiarise readers with the theoretical basis of recovering energy from renewable energy sources without disturbing environmental balance. This covers the lithosphere, the oceans and the Earth's atmosphere. The author emphasises the cons...

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  • The second volume of these lectures goes on to consider the heat in the Earth's interior. It looks at the sources and generation of this heat, its commercial value, sites of these heat sources and the building of suitable power plants of adequate capacity incorporating suitable environmental safety ...

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  • In Confronting Collapse, author Michael C. Ruppert, a former LAPD narcotics officer turned investigative journalist, details the intricate connections between money and energy, including the ways in which oil shortages and price spikes triggered the economic crash that began in September 2008. Given...

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  • Addressing an audience of senior oil industry executives at the annual IP Luncheon at the Dorchester Hotel on 20 February 2001, Dr Ali Rodriguez-Araque, the recently-appointed Secretary General of Opec, outlined the cartel’s role in bringing stability to a very erratic oil market. Integration was a ...

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