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  • Following the US sahle boom, the big question is 'Where next?' Three special reports examine the prospects for unconventional resources elsewhere and ask 'Boom or gloom?'Faced with volatile oil prices and challeging political environments, similar questions are being asked about more conventional oi...

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  • The application of such instrumentation is discussed, reference being made to how it allows conservation in the platform design to be identified and quantified. A typical instrumentation system is described and data collection, storage and post-processing are presented. Information obtained is consi...

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  • A new automated mapping (AM) and facilities management (FM) system used by Union Gas Ltd. is described. It is used to control an integrated natural gas storage, transmission, and distribution system in southwest Ontario. 13 160 miles of pipelines serve 632 000 customers. Careful training is needed f...

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  • Shell UK Exploration and Production has disclosed a short list of six contractors chosen to develop detailed plans for disposal of the derelict Brent spar oil storage buoy. They comprise Brown & Root Energy Services; Kvaerner Stolt Seaway Alliance; McAlpine Doris J V; Thyssen Stahlunion GmbH, and Ak...

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  • Enmat International is a consultancy partnership working, together with specialist international associates, in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), and a range of energy related disciplines. The principal roles undertaken involve LPG storage facilities, in particular mounded LPG storage, and LPG cylinder...

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  • Implementation of a carefully planned local area network (LAN) by Mobil Pipe Line Co. in Texas is described. This boosts productivity and reduces computing costs. Initially the LAN procedure linked 60 personal computers but it soon expanded to about 200 PC users with interconnections to three mainfr...

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  • This  world class postgraduate Institute is involved in international, education and training, in petroleum engineering and geoscience, at its Edinburgh, Dubai and Malaysia campus locations, its distributed education centres and through distance-learning, and for companies world wide.It has a l...

  • ABB

    ABB delivers high value consulting and lifecycle services to help companies in the global high hazard industries achieve operational excellence. We offer expertise in the following areas: inspection, integrity management, maintenance and reliability, operational improvement, obsolescence management,...

  • PetroKnowledge is a global learning services and professional development solutions provider, established to support organizations and their people in the global Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals & Energy industries. We offer an extensive range of training seminars that includes Offshore & Marine Te...

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