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  • The Energy CDT Network connects the 13 Energy Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) that specialise in postgraduate research and training in energy across 16 UK Universities. There is a large and varied research portfolio within the Network; covering all areas of energy technology from wind power to n...

  • Conditions at Japan's Fukushima plant worsened during Wed 16th March after radiation levels spiked during the morning, forcing the workforce of around 70 technicians to briefly suspend operations. Workers only returned after the government more than doubled the safety limit determining the maximum l...

  • This textbook on carbon dioxide capture, the first one ever, has arrived at a pivotal moment. Removing carbon dioxide from gas mixtures in new and cheaper ways is the key to an energy system responsive to the threat of climate change yet respectful of the merits of coal and natural gas. Wilcox’s boo...

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  • Engineering support services company Babcock International Group has agreed to acquire UKAEA Ltd (UKAEA) from the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority for a cash consideration of £50mn. The transaction will be complete once customary approvals are obtained. The UKAEA has over 50 years’ experience ...

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  • PetroKnowledge is a global learning services and professional development solutions provider, established to support organizations and their people in the global Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals & Energy industries. We offer an extensive range of training seminars that includes Offshore & Marine Te...

  • There is a vast interest in renewable energy but the role various technologies will play in the transition to a low-carbon future are in the main uncertain. This book sets out the facts: how the technologies work, where and to what extent they are currently employed and where the greatest potential ...

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