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  • Thermoeconomics combines principles drawn from the thermal sciences and the field of engineering economy for the purpose of rational decision-making in the operation of effective energy systems. The fundamentals of thermoeconomics and the role of exergy in thermoeconomic analysis are discussed. Ther...

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  • Maxsys provides guaranteed, cost effective energy saving equipment which can be applied across a wide range of industry sectors. Maxsys Fuel Systems offer a simple, innovative solution that boosts energy efficiency and significantly reduces costs (5% to 9.5% reduction in fuel consumption). The syste...

  • In Canada, a report spearheaded by the University of British Columbia concludes that the production of ethanol from waste paper, cardboard, straw, wood residues and other cellulose--rich materials cannot be achieved at comparable efficiencies and costs as from corn starch and sugarcane. Since these ...

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  • The production of ethanol from lignocellulose-rich materials such as wood residues, waste paper, used cardboard and straw cannot yet be achieved at the same efficiency and cost as from corn starch. A cost comparison has concluded that using lignocellulose materials is unlikely to be competitive with...

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