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  • Energy management and purchasing is our first theme this month, starting with an article on how businesses are increasingly turning to buying power specifically from local renewables projects. And, if you want to understand your own organisation's energy ‘culture’, then...

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  • Rising energy prices during the past three years have forced large energy consumers in many Asian countries to review their energy risk management strategies in order to minimise the impact of fuel price increases on operating profits, writes David Hayes.

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  • Retailing is one of Britain’s most competitive industries. It’s also one of the biggest consumers of energy, which is why many of its largest members are working together in the Retail Energy Environment Club (REEC) to use power more efficiently, report Robert Davis of EA Technology Limited.

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  • Consumer Focus is the independent champion for consumers in the UK.Consumer Focus gives a strong voice to consumers and works to secure a fair deal on their behalf. We have a statutory responsibility on energy and postal consumer issues. Consumer Focus is not an advice agency, complaints-handling bo...

  • CSE is an independent charity (est. 1979) providing knowledge and services to enable people and organisations to tackle climate change and fuel poverty. We undertake practical delivery alongside cutting edge research and policy analysis. Expertise includes community renewables, low carbon planning, ...

  • The way electricity is generated and used is changing fundamentally, with moves toward small-scale generation by consumers. Metering arrangements have to keep up with the changes and, at the smallest domestic scale, this is not straightforward. John Parsons looks at how a switch to more intelligent ...

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  • A new European directive designed to help consumers reduce their electricity consumption could cost Britain's energy companies about £2.25billion to implement. The EU wants smart meters to replace the traditional type The directive would lead to a change in the type of electricity meters that consum...

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  • Community Energy Plus is a charity and social enterprise providing services to help householders and communities in Cornwall enjoy warmer, more energy efficient homes.For over 15 years we have worked in partnership with a wide range of public, private and third sector organisations to support a vari...

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