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  • While crude feedstocks are becoming poorer in quality, regulation and market demand and clean air initiatives are leading transportation fuels in the opposite direction, writes David Wood.

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  • According to Wood Mackenzie's recent report- Decommissioning in the North Sea - the remaining decommissioning expenditure in the North Sea will be around $42bn (in 2007 terms), with the bulk to be spent in Norway (48%) and the UK (40%). Many challenges remain to be overcome, not least resource const...

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  • Britain's first and only community experiment in zero-carbon living raises, in spote of some successes, serious questions about Mr Brown's ambition that all new homes should be carbon-free. BedZed, a development of 99 flats in London, was supposed to be zero-carbon and entirely sustainable. After 4 ...

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  • In February, the Energy Institute presented Sir Ian Wood, Chairman, Wood Group, with the Cadman Award. The Award, which this year was sponsored by Shell, is presented in recognition of outstanding services to the petroleum industry. On collecting the Award, Sir Ian gave a keynote address in which he...

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