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  • Includes:Technology and innovation centres - Opinion by Professor Richard BrookChallenge of responsible innovation - Opinion by Professor Richard OwenA water infrastructure solution to climate change - Michael Norton, Dr Richard Harpin and Alexander LaneThe code for sustainable homes - Karen SmithTe...

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  • Led by the UK, Denmark and Germany, offshore wind energy is one of the world’s most exciting new growth industries. We include three articles in this issue, starting with a report from a wind turbine blade manufacturing facility in the Isle of Wight.Subsequent articles cover early moves towards esta...

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  • Offshore wind is a relatively new technology, but Europe now has over 10 GW of generating capacity at 82 offshore farms. In the first of our articles this month on offshore renewables, we take a look at good operation and maintenance practices for wind farms at sea. Further articles examine the shap...

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  • 2 ViewpointTen years on from Kyoto - more leadership required - Mark KenberNews3 International NewsCOP 10 inches forward as global emissions accelerateMegawatt- sized fuel cells for the USREEEP promotes biomass in AfricaEU trading scheme opens for business - in most countriesPumped storage power sta...

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  • Viewpoint2 Uncertainty prevents investment in new power stations - David PorterNews3 Home NewsNew micro-generation strategy, but will the grant system work?FGD and more biomass for Fiddlers FerryOil companies propose prototype carbon - free power stationUK breaks the IGW barrierEfflicient, decentral...

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  • Cranfield has a global reputation for inspiration teaching, innovation, industrial scale facilities and superior links with industry and public sectors.  We carry out focused research and development to meet the need of society and industry. We are a wholly postgraduate institution offering Mas...

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