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  • Includes:Technology and innovation centres - Opinion by Professor Richard BrookChallenge of responsible innovation - Opinion by Professor Richard OwenA water infrastructure solution to climate change - Michael Norton, Dr Richard Harpin and Alexander LaneThe code for sustainable homes - Karen SmithTe...

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  • 3E

    3E is recognised as a leading independent authority in renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy strategy. Specialises in project managing solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, wind, bioenergy, hydropower and energy efficient building developments. 

  • CREST is a leading international group working in the field of renewable energy. CREST undertakes research and education in renewable energy technology furthering sustainable energy options for present and future generations.<p>Our expertise includes wind power, photovoltaics, concentrated sol...

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  • A combination of solar photovoltaic and thermal technologies, plus battery and thermal storage, allows two buildings in Swansea to generate more energy than they use. Now the ‘active’ concept is to be extended to homes, as Dr Jonny Williams describes.

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  • Solar technology built into window glass, paint that produces hydrogen, perforations in steel panels to harvest heat – Sarah Gibbons reports on some emerging buildings-based energy technologies.

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  • With over 30 years experience, Dulas Ltd is a leading renewable energy company, based around a highly qualified and experienced team. From policy, market stimulation and resource assessment to research, system specification and project management. For large scale wind, solar PV, hydro and biomass pr...

  • Fossil energy sources are the backbone of global energy supply. Oil, natural gas and coal cover 86% of the world’s primary energy consumption. Nuclear energy accounts for well over 4%. Renewable energies reach almost 10%, broken down into hydropower with 7% and new renewable energies, such as...

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