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  • The development of laptop computers for mapping, maintenance recording, and communicating between office and field personnel is described. Prototype models are mounted in field vehicles. The main findings are summarized and laptops are preferred to other possible methods of data reading. Details of ...

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  • Through cooperation with one of United States key laboratories, we provide efficient energy management solutions and services to various industries in Asian countries. We have recruited customers in tens industries, such as semiconductor, food & drink, retailer, paper manufacturer, and so on.As ...

  • Maxsys provides guaranteed, cost effective energy saving equipment which can be applied across a wide range of industry sectors. Maxsys Fuel Systems offer a simple, innovative solution that boosts energy efficiency and significantly reduces costs (5% to 9.5% reduction in fuel consumption). The syste...

  • In US, Ranger Fuels has joined with Emerson Process Management to bring on line a commercial plant to convert timber, wood waste and other non-edible biomatter into methanol and ethanol.

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  • Tens of thousands of data centers now exist to support the vast amount of data sent over the internet every day. Although e-books and websites are often considered an environmentally friendly alternative to the printing industry, the data centres necessary for them to work consume vast amounts of en...

  • It has been ten years since Climate Change Agreements have been introduced to shield energy-intensive industry from a large tax burden, in exchange for agreed improvements in energy efficiency. Steve Freeman and David Morgan look at their effect on the paper industry, and at future policy plans in t...

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