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  • The overall objective of the GREENFOODS project is to lead the European food and beverage industry to high energy efficiency and reduction of fossil carbon emissions in order to ensure and foster the world wide competitiveness, improve the security of energy supply and guarantee the sustainable prod...

  • Through cooperation with one of United States key laboratories, we provide efficient energy management solutions and services to various industries in Asian countries. We have recruited customers in tens industries, such as semiconductor, food & drink, retailer, paper manufacturer, and so on.As ...

  • Maxsys provides guaranteed, cost effective energy saving equipment which can be applied across a wide range of industry sectors. Maxsys Fuel Systems offer a simple, innovative solution that boosts energy efficiency and significantly reduces costs (5% to 9.5% reduction in fuel consumption). The syste...

  • A volunteer community group called 'Food from the Sky' ( are growing fruit & vegetables on top of the Budgens supermarket in Crouch End, north London. The vegetables are sold in the supermarket each week. Unsold fruit & vegetables from Budgens are used as compost by the ...

  • Otarian, a new boutique fast-casual restaurant chain, is to open its first location in the UK this summer. Built on a sustainable platform and based on the principles of vegetarianism, Otarian claims to be the first global chain to carbon footprint all of its menu items according to the internationa...

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  • After 36 years of self-imposed environmental abstinence in Croydon, London, Joan Pick, 67, is now being recognised as an eco-heroine with one of the smallest carbon footprints in the country. She never heats her flat and eats all her food raw. She has avoided travelling on any form of motorised tran...

  • The UK government has created a new Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), with Ed Miliband MP appointed as the Secretary of State. Previously, the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) had responsibility for the UK’s energy strategy, while the Department for Env...

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  • KEEI was established as a government-affiliated research institute in 1986, and its main research are as follows:The world presently and simultaneously faces both a resource and environmental crisis. International energy supply and demand continues to increasingly become unbalanced as populations gr...

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