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  • The main themes of this issue are changing patterns of electricity and heat generation across Europe. Steady, rather than rising, electricity loads and the connection of ever more renewable generating capacity to grids are conspiring to change the way utilities serve consumers. Similarly, new low ca...

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  • We're using the term ‘urban energy’ to describe the main focus of this month’s issue – to cover the production of and use of energy within towns and cities through decentralised power (and heat) generation and district energy systems, following last month’s emphasis on local renewables.So, starting ...

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  • This issue of the magazine has carbon capture and storage (CCS)  as its main theme; see page 14 onwards. We feature two UK schemes, for coal and gas-fuelled power plants, currently inching off the drawing board with government support for front end engineering design studies. We also look at th...

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  • Has the UK government fallen back in love with energy efficiency? This is the question addressed in our viewpoint article from EEVS, which starts our major feature on energy efficiency this month. With a second round of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) – see page 14 – on the near horizon...

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  • We devote a large part of this issue to carbon capture and storage (CCS); described in the first article from page 14 as a vital part of the future UK energy infrastructure, as we are still some way from seeing a commercialscale project in place. Subsequent articles take a more international view – ...

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  • We cover aspects of both the demand and supply sides of the energy equation in this issue – from energy use in buildings to efforts to capture carbon dioxide from power plants. Ground source heat pumps represent one of several new technologies making an impact to r...

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  • Fossil fuelled power generation is going to play a major role in Europe for many years to come. So, alongside efforts to increase end-use energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy must be an effort to improve the environmental performance of particularly coal, but also gas fired, power gener...

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  • Pinsent Masons LLP is an international full service commercial law firm. We have one of the UK's largest dedicated teams of energy lawyers, with our expertise spanning the entire energy spectrum, including the traditional areas of upstream and downstream oil and gas, power generation, nuclear, energ...

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