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  • 2 ViewpointNews3 International News 4 Home News 5 Institute News Features7 Domestic energy efficiency - A J Williams11 Does engineering exist in Europe? - Marcel Guerin13 Condensing boilers - D Hampton & G Hardwick19 CHP Regulars21 Book Reviews 22 Letters 23 Enginee...

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  • 2 ViewpointNews3 International News5 Home News22 Institute NewsFeatures8 Government scheme offers free design advice consultation10 Housing associations take the lead in developing low energy housing 13 Northern Ireland’s landmark for sustainable development14 CHP and heat pumps - a practical s...

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  • 2 ViewpointNews3 International News5 Home News23 Institute NewsFeatures8 The UK chemical industry & energy efficiency10 CHP cuts bills and emissions for Zeneca12 Lubrizol contracts out energy services13 Cutting energy costs with electricity14 Renewing the geopolitics of energy - John V Mitchell1...

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  • R&D Management and Consulting relating to combustion, fuels, energy utilisation, energy efficiency and associated airborne emissions applied to Industrial Processes, Boilers, Power Generation, Residential Heating and Road Vehicles.

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  • PB Power provides complete engineering and management services to the global power industry helping its clients obtain maximum benefits from expanding opportunities in power development

  • Contract energy management – by which energy suppliers are incentivised to maximise the operational efficiency of their plant – started life as a way to supply heat to industry. But CEM is expanding to fill some other areas, as John Piggott writes.

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  • ENER-G Combined Power works to reduce a building or site’s carbon footprint, energy consumption and costs using our efficient combined heat and power (CHP) systems from 4kW to 10MW.<br>As part of the ENER-G group we can provide a variety of sustainable and cost effective energy technologies an...

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