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Hybrid electric flight in Southwest England

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Pioneer hybrid electric aircraft technology company Ampaire is to launch demonstration flights between Exeter and Cornwall Newquay airports as part of a series of trials aimed at moving the UK towards green aviation. 

Demonstration flights will be flown by its Electric EEL technology aircraft, a modified US-built six-seat Cessna 337 Skymaster featuring a battery-powered electric motor at the front and a conventional combustion engine at the rear. This enables a reduction in emissions and operating costs by as much as 30%, says Ampaire. 

The aircraft will fly between the two regional airports, 135 km apart, on a combination of battery and piston power, collecting data to monitor fuel savings, efficiency and noise. 

Ampaire is currently developing hybrid electric power train upgrades for nine to 19-seat regional aircraft. It views the near-term opportunity to transform existing turboprop aircraft as the first step to fully electric aircraft, which could become feasible as battery technology advances.

Photo: Ampaire

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