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World’s first pureplay clean hydrogen investment fund launched

What is claimed to be the world’s first pureplay clean hydrogen investment fund –FiveT Hydrogen – has been launched with the aim of raising €1bn and acting as a global catalyst for the delivery of clean hydrogen infrastructure projects at scale.

Operating under the leadership of Pierre-Etienne Franc, former Vice President of Air Liquide’s Hydrogen Energy Activities and Co-Secretary of the Hydrogen Council, the fund is reported to have already received publicly announced investment intentions of some €300mn.

There is a growing focus from global policymakers on the urgent need to decarbonise. More than 30 governments around the world have already adopted national hydrogen strategies as part of their climate plans, so the opportunity is huge. According to market analyst McKinsey, some $70bn of public funding has been pledged to accelerate hydrogen scale-up.

The new fund plans to finance large projects in the production, storage and distribution of clean hydrogen primarily in OECD countries and those with supportive policies, regulations and financial schemes in place enabling projects to be scaled profitably. It expects to act as a catalyst by investing in upstream and downstream opportunities across the value chain, including green hydrogen production and use and downstream distribution assets to the transport segment and associated fleet development schemes.

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