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Shell and Ocean Infinity collaborate to provide uncrewed seep hunting ability

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Shell and offshore robotic ship operator Ocean Infinity have signed a joint development agreement to execute multi-client hydrocarbon seep hunting projects.

Ocean Infinity’s Armada fleet of robotic ships, which is due to become operational next year, is equipped with autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) offering deepwater coverage on a large scale. ‘The Armada fleet will truly transform the way the global maritime community operates. With zero people required at sea, operations conducted by the fleet are set to be the safest the industry has seen as well as the most sustainable,’ claims the company.

‘The deployment of the Armada fleet will mark a major technological advance in the industry and redefine traditional ways of working. Refining our ability to conduct tasks such as seep hunting using uncrewed technology opens up possibilities in so many other areas. The experience gained as a result of this collaboration could prove transferable to other offshore tasks such as carbon capture storage (CCS) monitoring,’ adds Katya Krylova, Vice President Business Development Oil & Gas Exploration Services, Ocean Infinity.

Ocean Infinity Armada fleet of robotic vessels – artist’s impression
Photo: Ocean Infinity

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