Q. How does the Energy Matrix work?

The Energy Matrix is a compilation of links, themes and categories that correspond to the energy value chain – moving from primary energy production through conversion, transportation and end use to reuse of energy. The categories and themes we use have been classified according to international standards (e.g. International Recommendations for Energy Statistics) and recommendations from EI members.

To browse the Energy Matrix, simply click on the category you are interested in to return the relevant material across a broad range of curated content and record types (e.g. books, periodicals, courses, addresses, etc.). In some cases, we have identified sub-categories, which help you to dig even further into your chosen subject. Sub-categories will appear as you hover your mouse over the Energy Matrix.

Q. Where does the content come from?

The EI Knowledge Service team is continually adding new, relevant content to the Energy Matrix. This content is taken from a range of internal and external sources, depending on its type. This includes more than: