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Title AuthorsPublication Date Document type
Sustainability – Walking the talk 2017-5-22 Articles
Subsea – Going with the flow 2017-5-17 Articles
Balancing energy priorities in South East AsiaMiechel, Bree 2017-5-17 Articles
Risky businessDavis, Brian 2017-5-17 Articles
Subsea strategies for successGordon, Niel 2017-5-15 Articles
Energy policy – Testing timesSomerville, Dean 2017-5-12 Articles
Production highs and lowsSkrebowski, Chris 2017-5-12 Articles
Energy policy – Question timeNewmark, Liz 2017-5-9 Articles
Brexit – a challenge too far?Kangisser, Glenn Anderson, Phoebe 2017-5-9 Articles
Where next for deepwater projects?Rodger, Angus 2017-5-8 Articles
Caspian and Central Asia – Winds of changeGillet, Jim 2017-5-8 Articles
Caspian and Central Asia – Staying positiveRzayeva, Gulmira 2017-5-8 Articles
Offshore renewables – Blowing in the windDavis, Brian 2017-4-19 Articles
Meeting the sulphur cap challengeCupellini, Francesca 2017-4-6 Articles
Lubricants – drivers for changeDavis, Brian 2017-4-6 Articles
Test method updateRattanjit Gill 2017-4-6 Articles
Unconventionals – a mixed pictureDavis, Brian 2017-4-5 Articles
Engineering Institutions that are fit for the future 2017-4-5 Articles
The state of engineering – addressing a skills shortageCole-Bailey, Anna 2017-4-5 Articles
Fuel additives – added benefitsMahajan, Kunal 2017-4-5 Articles
Perspective- the fox knows many things; the hedgehog one great thingForbes, Will 2017-4-4 Articles
Counting the cost of terrorBance, Nigel 2017-4-4 Articles
Ghana - stepping on the gasRoss, Priscilla 2017-4-4 Articles
Unconventionals - playing the fieldCope, Gordon 2017-4-4 Articles
Unconventional oil and gas – playing the fieldCope, Gordon 2017-3-16 Articles
CCS – Counting the costStokes, Robert 2017-3-15 Articles
Combining bioenergy with CCS – a big opportunityNewton-cross, Gerry 2017-3-15 Articles
Middle East – Road to recoveryCulver, Matthew 2017-3-15 Articles
Economic reform meets political gridlockKielmas, Maria 2017-3-15 Articles
Israel pushing ahead with gas plansCharlaff, Joe 2017-3-15 Articles
East meets WestSembi, Amrik 2017-3-15 Articles
Seismic still strugglingMcBarnet, Andrew 2017-3-14 Articles
Seismic – Good vibrationsSkelton, Tim 2017-3-14 Articles
Economic sanctions – a changing pictureLayton, Duane Sales, Margaret Leibner, Mickey 2017-3-14 Articles
What’s next for petroleum downstream? 2017-3-8 Articles
Enhanced Oil Recovery – facing the challengesDavis, Brian 2017-2-20 Articles
Finance – systemic risk of greenwashing?Kielmas, Maria 2017-2-6 Articles
Big Oil plans for a low carbon futureDavis, Brian 2017-2-6 Articles
OPEC and the future 2017-2-6 Articles
Oil fields – anticipating sea changedel Maestro, Adrian 2017-2-6 Articles
Finance – lower pressure on the Gulf 2017-2-6 Articles
Finance and Investment – reasons to be cheerful 2017-2-6 Articles
The decommissioning conundrumCottam, Nick 2017-2-6 Articles
Oil price slump boosts logistics innovationAnyadike, Nnamdi 2017-2-6 Articles
Diesel filterability issuesMylrea, Ian 2017-2-6 Articles
Fossil fuels – what’s at risk?Russell, Stephen 2017-2-1 Articles
As much about oil as solarKingham, Louise 2017-2-1 Articles
Low carbon future – on the radar 2017-1-30 Articles
Future of gas in decarbonising European energy marketsStern, Jonathan 2017-1-19 Articles
Stepping on the gasNewman, Nic 2017-1-11 Articles