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Title AuthorsPublication Date Document type
Foreign liabilities can come home to roostSpears, Suzanne 2016-11-1 Articles
Bavaria’s economic motor to boost natural gas 2016-9-12 News Item
Brexit – a leap into the unknownDavis, Brian 2016-8-1 Articles
BP announces Deepwater Horizon figures 2016-8-1 News Item
The triple bottom line and oilMagerholm Fet, Ing Annik 2016-6-1 Articles
A climate of changeKielmas, Maria 2016-2-1 Articles
Building bankability for major projectsNewman, Nicholas 2016-2-1 Articles
Studying the effects of oil on the Gulf of Mexico 2015-12-1 News Item
Sharing international good practiceVaughan, Andrew 2015-12 Articles
Leading the way safelyBater, Dr Stephen 2015-11 Articles
UK backlog of safety critical maintenance offshore 2015-8-1 News Item
Tackling groundwater risksDavis, Brian 2015-7-1 Articles
Survey tracks Chinese diesel fuel quality 2015-6-1 News Item
Well integrity concerns drive forward barrier initiativesAnyadike, Nnamdi 2014-5-1 Articles
EU additives assessmentRowe, Mark 2014-4-1 Articles
Setting sights on HSEChoi, Daniel 2013-11-1 Articles
Assuring safetyDavidson, Peter 2013-11-1 Articles
Driving innovationCorvese, Michael 2013-11-1 Articles
Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) 2013-10-10 News Item
Green grows my pasture 2013-6-1 Articles
EI enters offshore wind arenaMaeso, Martin Sykes, Andrew 2013-6-1 Articles
Key considerationsGuzman, Rodolfo Thuriaux-Aleman, Ben Carvajal, Paola 2013-5-1 Articles
A new business structureThuriaux-Aleman, Ben Rogers, Stephen 2013-1-1 Articles
Decommissioning challengesRowe, Mark 2012-10-1 Articles
UK oil response after OSPRAG. Petroleum Review, July 2012, p29. 2012-7-1 Abstract
Emergency blow-out response updateCrook, Jeff 2012-5-1 Articles
Playing to our strengthsDudley, Robert W 2012-3-1 Articles
Managing risk in an integrated environmentLeBlanc, Marv 2012-2-1 Articles
Marc McBride. Safety is not proprietary. Petroleum Review, November 2011, p2.McBride, Marc 2011-11-1 Abstract
Learning from experienceFisher, Vince 2011-11-1 Articles
Changing the refinery gamePetela, Eric 2011-9-1 Articles
EI-accredited courses in central Lancashire. Future skills supplement, Petroleum Review, August 2011, p25. 2011-8-1 Abstract
Bangladesh to reform tanker breaking sector.Verma, Raghavendra 2011-7-1 Articles
Cost savings for clean-upRichell, Martin 2011-7-1 Articles
A shift in oil spill preventionLonguève, Gilles 2011-7-1 Articles
Managing modern hazards 2011-4-1 Articles
Torben Lund Skovhus and Bart Lomans. Microbes in oil E&P. Petroleum Review, February 2011. p42.Skovhus, Torben Lund Lomans, Bart 2011-2-1 Abstract
Bridging the gapWilkins, Michael Richardson, Julian 2011-1-1 Articles
Offshore safety under reviewDavis, Brian 2010-11-1 Articles
The final frontierDavis, Brian 2010-9-1 Articles
Subsea training centre meeting demands of offshore sector 2010-3-1 Articles
Process safety showcaseScanlon, Dr Mark 2010-1-1 Articles
Managing changeStrahan, David 2009-11-1 Articles
Tackling a self-fuelling fireLitvin, Daniel 2009-8-1 Articles
Gas in the pipelineCochrane, Paul 2009-8-1 Articles
Screening the potential for hydrocarbon vapour intrusion risks 2009-8-1 Articles
On the scrap heapNuthall, Keith 2009-7-1 Articles
Covering up a safety problemBarber, D 2009-7-1 Articles
Screening environmental risks 2009-5-1 Articles
R Hennessy, Above ground fuelling first for UK superstore, Petroleum Review, August 2003, p 30Hennessy, R 2003-8-1 Abstract