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Title AuthorsPublication Date Document type
OPEC extends production cuts 2017-5-26 News Item
Power industry shifts focus to renewables 2017-5-22 News Item
Balancing energy priorities in South East AsiaMiechel, Bree 2017-5-17 Articles
Production highs and lowsSkrebowski, Chris 2017-5-12 Articles
Energy policy – Question timeNewmark, Liz 2017-5-9 Articles
Caspian and Central Asia – Staying positiveRzayeva, Gulmira 2017-5-8 Articles
UK electricity sector coal free for record 24 hours 2017-5-4 News Item
Iran approves Sixth Development Plan 2017-5-4 News Item
Offshore renewables – Blowing in the windDavis, Brian 2017-4-19 Articles
Unconventionals – a mixed pictureDavis, Brian 2017-4-5 Articles
Perspective- the fox knows many things; the hedgehog one great thingForbes, Will 2017-4-4 Articles
Counting the cost of terrorBance, Nigel 2017-4-4 Articles
Brent assessment set to change 2017-3-31 News Item
European Union and Gazprom on the way to agreement 2017-3-17 News Item
OPEC showing an unprecedented level of compliance 2017-3-17 News Item
East meets WestSembi, Amrik 2017-3-15 Articles
Seismic still strugglingMcBarnet, Andrew 2017-3-14 Articles
Enhanced Oil Recovery – facing the challengesDavis, Brian 2017-2-20 Articles
Big Oil plans for a low carbon futureDavis, Brian 2017-2-6 Articles
OPEC and the future 2017-2-6 Articles
Finance – lower pressure on the Gulf 2017-2-6 Articles
Finance and Investment – reasons to be cheerful 2017-2-6 Articles
The decommissioning conundrumCottam, Nick 2017-2-6 Articles
Oil price slump boosts logistics innovationAnyadike, Nnamdi 2017-2-6 Articles
Petrobras increases refinery diesel prices 2017-2-1 News Item
Energy UK unveils electricity switching statistics 2017-2-1 News Item
Future of gas in decarbonising European energy marketsStern, Jonathan 2017-1-19 Articles
Stepping on the gasNewman, Nic 2017-1-11 Articles
Privatisation of Ukraine’s regional power distribution companies postponed 2017-1-1 News Item
Dealing with shake-up in Chinese oil export markets 2017-1-1 News Item
Don't rig the market: competition law and the oil and gas industry 2017-1-1 News Item
Exploration – brighter prospects down underBernecker, Tom 2017-1-1 Articles
Shale gas goes to seaMackay, Peter 2017-1-1 Articles
Cargo diversion to hurt vessel demandSharnam Shresth 2017-1-1 Articles
Things to come – drilling towards 2030Davis, Brian 2017-1-1 Articles
Trump brings hurricane of change on energy front 2016-11-14 News Item
Strong oil demand growthSkrebowski, Chris 2016-11-1 Articles
Singapore – An ambitious energy agenda 2016-11-1 Articles
Tackling the downturnHorvath, Ferenc Gaso, Berislav 2016-11-1 Articles
Business management – withstanding market pressuresMcMillan, David 2016-11-1 Articles
Tactical switch for Opec could be a win-win for oil market 2016-11-1 News Item
US warns over strategic petroleum reserve capability 2016-10-1 News Item
Scottish oil and gas production statistics 2016-10-1 News Item
ENOC expansion plans 2016-10-1 News Item
Commodity management to the rescueHinton, Michael 2016-10-1 Articles
Smarter barrier management on the radarStokes, Robert 2016-10-1 Articles
Managing investmentMaguire, Bob 2016-10-1 Articles
Counting the costHammerson, Marc Antonas, Nicholas 2016-10-1 Articles
Largest US energy infrastructure merger planned 2016-9-12 News Item
Algeria launches new economic growth model 2016-9-1 News Item