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Title AuthorsPublication Date Document type
Why the market for fossil fuels is all burnt outAmbrose, Jillian 2017-4-20 Abstract
IEA warns $1.3 trillion of oil and gas could be left strandedAmbrose, Jillian 2017-3-22 Abstract
Opec and Russia risk a lost decade as shale revolution spreadsEvans-Pritchard, Ambrose 2017-3-21 Abstract
Oil price crashes back towards $50 as Opec raises US oil forecastsAmbrose, Jillian 2017-3-15 Abstract
Foam sucks up and releases oil like a sponge, NewScientist, 11 March 2017, p 14 2017-3-11 Abstract
Treasury to offer North Sea a helping hand in late-life 2017-3-8 Abstract
S Trimble, Generation gap, Flight International 7-13 March 2017, p 36Trimble, S 2017-3-7 Abstract
Permian shale boom in Texas is devastating for OpecEvans-Pritchard, Ambrose 2017-3-6 Abstract
T Robinson, Bright spark, Aerospace, March 2017, p 14Robinson, T 2017-3 Abstract
Hydrogen first for Shell in UK, Petroleum Review, March 2017, p 6 2017-3 Abstract
D Wagman, Volvo truck tests a hybrid long-haul vehicle, IEEE Engineering 360, 28 February 2017, p 1Wagman, D 2017-2-28 Abstract
North Sea set to roll out the barrels again as UK oil industry is thrown an unlikely lifelineAmbrose, Jillian 2017-2-14 Abstract
J Croft, Hybrid hotbed, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 6-19 February 2017, p 28Croft, J 2017-2-9 Abstract
M Gubisch, BRA offers support for initial ATR biofuel flight, Flight International, 7-13 February 2017, p 9Gubisch, M 2017-2-7 Abstract
Tight squeeze turns hydrogen metallic, NewScientist, 4 February 2017, p 20 2017-2-4 Abstract
J Croft, Tug caused Southwest nose gear snap at BW1, Aviation Daily, 2 February 2017,Croft, J 2017-2-2 Abstract
Fossil fuel aren’t going away soon, Petroleum Review, February 2017, p 7 2017-2 Abstract
M Farish, Ticket to ride, Professional Engineering, February 2017, p 38Farish, M 2017-2 Abstract
M Olea, The pursuit of alternative fuels, Energy World, February 2017, p 27Olea, Maria 2017-2 Abstract
In brief, Petroleum Review, February 2017, p 6 2017-2 Abstract
I Mylrea, Diesel filterability issues, Petroleum Review, February 2017, p 34Mylrea, I 2017-2 Abstract
G Deeke, Engineering extras, Professional Engineering, February 2017, p 48Deeke, G 2017-2 Abstract
A Williams, Energy harvesting, Professional Engineering, February 2017, p 32Williams, A 2017-2 Abstract
BP braces for electric car revolution as oil demand growth slowsAmbrose, Jillian 2017-1-25 Abstract
M Gubisch, WheelTug readies system for FAA approval tests. Flight International, 17-23 January 2017, p 13 See also G Warwick, Faster pushback, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 23 January - 5 February 2017, p 36Gubisch, M 2017-1-17 Abstract
G Warwick, Compact power, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 9-22 January 2017, p 53Warwick, G 2017-1-9 Abstract
Hydrogen fuel cell customized for UAV, IEEE Engineering 360, 3 January 2017, p 1 2017-1-3 Abstract
M Gubisch, Toulouse tests pull TaxiBot closer to A320 approval, Flight International, 3-9 January 2017, p 10Gubisch, M 2017-1-3 Abstract
Reaction Engines looks to turn and burn, Flight International, 3-9 January 2017, p 31 2017-1-3 Abstract
Hydrogen fuel cell customized for UAV, IEEE Engineering 360, 3 January 2017, p 1Simpson, J 2017-1-3 Abstract
Renewable biomethane for high mileage trucks, Energy World, January 2017, p 9 2017-1 Abstract
Extra voltage sets record, Aerospace, January 2017, p 9 2017-1 Abstract
200 mile batteries for electric buses, Energy World, January 2017, p 10 2017-1 Abstract
Solar power to the edge of space, Aerospace, January 2017, p6 2017-1 Abstract, 17 January 2017, p1 2017-1 Abstract
G Warwick, Biofuels go commercial, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 26 December 2016-8 January 2017, p 93Warwick, G 2016-12-26 Abstract
J Motavalli,, 23 December 2016Motavalli, J 2016-12-23 Abstract
Oil price climbs towards $60 a barrel after rival producers agree a truceAmbrose, Jillian 2016-12-12 Abstract
E Brown, Technique offers a promising future for hydrogen fuel, IEEE Engineering 360, 12 December 2016, pBrown, E 2016-12-12 Abstract
J Simpson, London moving to zeros-emission buses, IEEE Engineering 360, 9 December 2016, p 1Simpson, J 2016-12-9 Abstract
Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG) formed 2016-12-1 Abstract
Construction start on ‘world’s first’ commercial bio-substitute natural gas plant, Professional Engineering, December 2016, p 10 2016-12 Abstract
Decision on future of carbon tax delayed in 'damp squib' Autumn Statement 2016-11-24 Abstract
Oil supply crunch 'to hit in 2019' as investment in new projects dries upGosden, Emily 2016-11-24 Abstract
G Warwick, Biofuel injection, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 21 November-4 December 2016, p 17Warwick, G 2016-11-21 Abstract
Oil demand peak 'not in sight' as stage set for boom and bust, says IEAGosden, Emily 2016-11-17 Abstract
M Harris, Help for heroes, NewScientist, 12 November 2016, p 28Harris, M 2016-11-12 Abstract
Golden anniversary of fuel cell van, IEEE Engineering 360, 8 November 2016, p 1 2016-11-8 Abstract
Energy storage for light rail, IEEE Engineering 360, 8 November 2106, p 5 2016-11-8 Abstract
N Anyadlike, Growing demand for alternative fuels, Petroleum Review, November 2016, p 14Anyadlike, N 2016-11 Abstract