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Title AuthorsPublication Date Document type
Oil price climbs towards $60 a barrel after rival producers agree a truceAmbrose, Jillian 2016-12-12 Abstract
Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG) formed 2016-12-1 Abstract
Decision on future of carbon tax delayed in 'damp squib' Autumn Statement 2016-11-24 Abstract
Oil supply crunch 'to hit in 2019' as investment in new projects dries upGosden, Emily 2016-11-24 Abstract
Oil demand peak 'not in sight' as stage set for boom and bust, says IEAGosden, Emily 2016-11-17 Abstract
N Anyadlike, Growing demand for alternative fuels, Petroleum Review, November 2016, p 14Anyadlike, N 2016-11 Abstract
J Simpson, Cellulosic jet fuel for use on commercial flights, Engineering 360, 26 October 2016, p 1 2016-10-26 Abstract
2017 Mercedes S550E to introduce Halo wireless charging, Electrans,, 20 October 2016, p 4 2016-10-20 Abstract
Henrik Fisker bounces back with “revolutionary’ new battery design, Electrans, newsbase@newsbase. com, 20 October 2016, p 3 2016-10-20 Abstract
Tier 1 Engineering has successfully completed initial flight tests with a manned, battery-powered helicopter. Electrans,, 20 October 2016, p 4 2016-10-20 Abstract
P Brown, Video: Flying drones may soon be able to re-charge mid-flight, Electronics 360, 20 October 2016, p 1 2016-10-20 Abstract
Hydrogen-powered passenger plane takes to the skies, Electrans,, 20 October 2016, p 2 2016-10-20 Abstract
US Navy flight tests 100% jet biofuel, Engineering 360, 20 October 2016, p 1 2016-10-20 Abstract
J Simpson, New liquid alkylation catalyst for motor fuels.Engineering 360, 12 October 2016, p 1Simpson, J 2016-10-12 Abstract
BP abandons plan to drill in Australian marine reserve, blaming high costsGosden, Emily 2016-10-11 Abstract
C Heschmeyer, Fuel cell set to power German train service, Engineering 360, 11 October 2016, p 1Heschmeyer, C 2016-10-11 Abstract
Briefing, Taxibot gains approvals for later 737s, Flight International, 11-17 October 2016, p 6] 2016-10-11 Abstract
G Warwick, Commuter comeback, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 10-23 October 2016, p 48Warwick, G 2016-10-10 Abstract
G Warwick, Hybrid hopefuls, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 10-23 October 2016, p 50 2016-10-10 Abstract
J Cartwright, Going clean, NewScientist, 8 October 2016, p 28Cartwright, J 2016-10-8 Abstract
Fracking go-ahead: Government approves Cuadrilla plans, overruling Lancashire councilGosden, Emily 2016-10-6 Abstract
British road fuel prices drive towards 2016 highsAmbrose, Jillian 2016-10-5 Abstract
C Lilley, Cetane number and cetane index relationship, Petroleum Review, October 2016, p 40Lilley, C 2016-10 Abstract
UK needs a ’stronger commitment to sustainable transport’, Energy World, October 2016, p 8 2016-10 Abstract
News in brief, Aerospace, October 2016, p 6 2016-10 Abstract
Opec deal to reduce crude output sends oil prices surgingMartin, Ben 2016-9-30 Abstract
FTSE 100 smashes 6,900 after Opec agrees first output cut since global financial crisisCunningham, Tara 2016-9-29 Abstract
J Simpson, Eucalyptus trees eyed as jet fuel source, Engineering 360, 28 September 2016, p 1Simpson, J 2016-9-28 Abstract
North Sea oil and gas output rises but investment dries upGosden, Emily 2016-9-27 Abstract
First take, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 26 September to 9 October 2016. p 11 2016-9-26 Abstract
G Norris, Reaction reality, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 26 September - 9 October 2016. p 46Norris, G 2016-9-26 Abstract
D Kaminski-Morrow, Life’s a gas for Virgin Atlantic waste fuel trial, Flight International, 20-26 September 2016, p 12Kaminski-Morrow, D 2016-9-20 Abstract
New record for cheapest offshore wind farmGosden, Emily 2016-9-14 Abstract
Oil investment crashes to 60-year low, incubating next energy shockEvans-Pritchard, Ambrose 2016-9-14 Abstract
Oil market glut to continue as Opec rivals resist an output slowdownAmbrose, Jillian 2016-9-13 Abstract
Tullow delivers first oil from TEN offshore Ghana 2016-9-13 Abstract
Oil market rocked by Russia-Saudi co-operation pactAmbrose, Jillian 2016-9-5 Abstract
Audi technology generates electricity from potholes, Professional Engineering, September 2016, p 8 2016-9 Abstract
Sluggish oil price recovery forces mid-cap explorers to delay London listing plansAmbrose, Jillian 2016-8-31 Abstract
Oil price hits one-month high on hopes Russia will strike supply deal with OpecAmbrose, Jillian 2016-8-17 Abstract
Holy Grail of energy policy in sight as battery technology smashes the old orderEvans-Pritchard, Ambrose 2016-8-11 Abstract
Sound Energy boosted by Morocco gas discoveryMartin, Ben 2016-8-9 Abstract
Britain faces a nasty shock when the global energy cycle turnsEvans-Pritchard, Ambrose 2016-8-4 Abstract
Research to make MC-21 more electric, Briefing, Flight International, 2-8 August 2016, p 6 2016-8-2 Abstract
First take, General Aviation, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 1-14 August 2016, p 10 2016-8-1 Abstract
First take, Technology, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 1-14 August 2016, p 11 2016-8-1 Abstract
G Warwick, Ultra power, Aviation Week & Space Technology, 1-14 August 2016, p 28Warwick, G 2016-8-1 Abstract
How to turn waste into oil, Engineers Australia, August 2016, p 18 2016-8 Abstract
Wizard of Aus, Engineers Australia, August 2016, p 9 2016-8 Abstract
Pinch of salt extends battery life, Engineers Australia, August 2016, p 16 2016-8 Abstract