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You are searching for: "Hydraulic fracturing" OR "Gas shales" OR "Unconventional oil and gas"; Journal Title:Petroleum Review

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Title AuthorsPublication Date Document type
Cuadrilla given green light for UK fracking News Item
US and Russia to dominate global capex on planned pipelines to 2022 News Item
US production to rise 60% in the next 20 years News Item
Strong prospects Articles
Petroleum Review June 2018 Issue
New measures to back UK shale gas exploration News Item
Scottish government accused of misleading public over fracking ban News Item
Driving change Articles
Petroleum Review April 2018 Issue
New era of opportunity Articles
New era of opportunity Articles
Turbulent times Articles
Petroleum Review March 2018 Issue
Looking forward Articles
Cuadrilla reports positive news from shale rock sampling at Lancashire exploration site News Item
Ineos to deliver first ever US ethane from shale gas to China News Item
Non-OPEC decline rates to remain stable until 2020 News Item
First community payment under UKOOG shale community engagement charter News Item
Unconventionals – Smart rules Articles
Petroleum Review September 2017 Issue
The UK’s geology won’t support UK fracking, claims expert News Item
Strong policies and technology driving energy market change News Item
Energy price cap ‘ineffective’ in an evolving market News Item
Unconventionals – a mixed picture Articles
Unconventionals - playing the field Articles
Petroleum Review April 2017 Issue
Unconventional oil and gas – playing the field Articles
OPEC and the future Articles
Petroleum Review December 2016 / January 2017 Issue
Shale gas goes to sea Articles
Beijing holds on to national shale gas ambitions News Item
UK fracking gets the go-ahead News Item
First US shale gas imports reach UK News Item
Tactical switch for Opec could be a win-win for oil market News Item
BP signs second Chinese shale gas PSC News Item
Commodity management to the rescue Articles
UK government amends fracking consultation details News Item
Boosting US tight oil recovery rates News Item
Oil price downturn continues to impact jobs News Item
Ineos announces new shale gas agreement News Item
First US shale gas shipment to Europe News Item
Patience is vital Articles
Frack ahead Articles
Petroleum Review April 2016 Issue
Rumours of possible Russian-OPEC cooperation push up oil price News Item
A climate of change Articles
Creating a smarter supply chain Articles
A matter of urgency Articles
Argentian shale play to double output by 2018 News Item
UK shale rules gather speed with new powers News Item